Calgary Cross Connection Test

Covid 19

During Covid 19 and City Bylaw for Calgary Cross Connection Testing:

The City of Calgary Bylaw during Covid 19 remains the same as any other time.  The City of Calgary needs to keep our water safe and clear from contamination.  For this reason, they are continuing to remind homeowners and businesses with testable backflow devices to have their cross connection testing done annually.  Reminder notices are being sent either by email or mail to all properties that currently have a cross connection device installed on the premises.  It is the property owner's responsibility to hire certified cross connection tester's to test their testable backflow device.  This remains for all types of testable devices such as Irrigation, Boiler feed lines, Pools and Water mains.  After testing is completed, the tester should submit the report to their office in 30 days.  The City of Calgary Cross Connection Department will be processing the test results with new business Covid 19 measures taking into consideration the staff's health and safety.       

Seasonal Irrigation Cross Connection Test:

As per the Water Utility Bylaw section 39.3e: "A test must be performed at the time the system is turned on at the beginning of each irrigation season."

 Calgary Cross Connection Test is a certified business with the Better Business Bureau since 2009 and is a certified tester with the City of Calgary under their business title Calgary Radiant Heat Cross Connection.  This business has been running since 2004 testing cross connection devices for the City of Calgary and surrounding areas.

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