Calgary Cross connection control device test

How do I find someone to perform my cross connection test?  

Who needs to have a cross connection test?  If you receive yearly letters from the City of Calgary, you need a cross connection test done to a backflow preventer located in your home.  Sample letter of City of Calgary notice for cross connection test:


"Your responsibility:  Our records indicate that test results have not been received for the devices listed on the attached document.  To comply with the Water Utility Bylaw 40M2006, you must arrange for your cross connection control device to be tested immediately.

Testing must be carried out by a certified tester, at the owner's expense, who is registered with The City of Calgary.  Please visit: and use the search phrase "Cross Connection Control" for the link to the current tester list.  After the test has been completed, the Tester will submit a "Testing and Inspection Report" to our office within 30 days.  Please follow-up with the Tester to ensure the report has been filed on your behalf.

Failure to comply with this notification may lead to further action, such as stated in part XIV.39<8) of the Water Utility Bylaw.  Contact 311 via phone or by using the 311 Online Request webpage of if you:

- have any questions or concerns regarding cross connection control testing

- prefer to receive email notifications

- are not the owner/occupant of the facility and have received this request in error.

Thank you for your prompt attention.  If the test result reports have already been sent to our office, please disregard this letter.

Cross Connection Control Program
Water Services"

How do I test my cross connection control device?

The owner of the property or agent of the owner (property manager) as identified in the lease is responsible for testing. If the cross connection control device belongs to the tenant, then they are responsible.

To have your cross connection control device tested, contact a certified tester.

A certified tester is any individual who is registered with The City of Calgary Water Services as a Cross Connection Control Specialist within the mechanical industry (plumbers, irrigation, fire and sprinkler contractors, and mechanical contractors).

What if I have received notice that I must install appropriate cross control assemblies?

Contract a City Qualified Trade Contractor who is a Cross Connection Control Tester and approved to obtain a plumbing permit to install the cross connection control devices. A plumbing permit is required to install a testable cross connection control device.

What if I do not comply with testing or installation requests?

Failure to comply with the notification may result in a violation ticket, a water service cut-off and/or summary conviction as outlined in the Water Utility Bylaw for the City of Calgary.

A time extension can be granted - the request must be presented in writing to the Cross Connection Control Officer and will be individually assessed due to the factors involved (i.e., degree of hazard, type of protection etc.)

If you have further questions or need clarification, please contact us or you can call 311.